Saturday, June 10, 2017

Finished Object and Some Spinning

I finished, washed and delivered the Sunshine for Sunday's Sibling yesterday. It turns out their baby (a girl!) is due tomorrow. I offered my professional baby holder services any time and hope they take me up on it. Y'all know I love some baby holding.

This was a fun knit. I had a little trouble keeping track of the stitch shifting while knitting in the semi-dark of my daughter's theater class showcase, a band concert and an orchestra concert but it wasn't hard to rip it and get back on track. Turned out a little on the small side but I think that's a plus with cotton, which tends to be heavy. It's a nice size to throw over baby against the chill of a/c.

Now I'm back to working on some spinning. I've already spun and plied two bobbins of gray merino/silk blend. This is the first of four total white merino/silk bobbins. Two will be plied and stay white, two will be plied and dyed a deep red. This will all be a Lilli Pilli wrap. My friend Bec and I went to a knitting guild meeting (and then never made it back to another this year, oops) and one of the women there shared her finished wrap with us. I fell in love. As soon as I got home that night, I started looking at yarn. And then I realized I already had what I needed, just had to spin it (and dye some). I'm excited to start the knitting but in no real hurry with the spinning. The gray is still on the Scholar from plying. It'll stay there until I finish another bobbin of the white and am ready to ply.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I haven't been knitting much the past few days but have made some progress on my Sunshine for Sunday's sibling.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Pretty yarn and pretty needles have arrived! Casting on...

(click for big)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Oh, hey, I'm still around

As the weather warmed up, I noticed our neighbors are expecting their first child. So I decided to knit a baby blanket for them. I went to pick up yarn--Bernat Cotton Tots, because it appears this will be a summer baby--only to discover it's been discontinued. :( Surely it can't be gone, gone? I searched the innertubes before finally giving up on that perfect summer baby yarn. (Bernat, bring it back!)  Poked around looking at other possibilities. Settled on Knitpicks Billow in Comfrey (even with the mixed reviews). I'll make a Sunshine Chevron. Checked my needles and really need to replace a few sizes of needle tips. I added 5-6 caspian tips, realized that was going to cost nearly as much as a full set (shut up, close enough! Plus, free shipping, woot!), removed the tips, added a full set of needles and placed the order. Not even noticing I hadn't place an order in so long that my old address (moved nearly 3 years ago) was still listed. By the time I noticed, it had already shipped.

I have been trying to intercept this package ever since. Called the local post office, was told to do intercept online (cool...wait, not cool, it's $12 something plus extra postage?). It won't let me anyway because it was shipped FedEx smart post. Tried to "customize" the delivery through FedEx but the shipped to address does not match my account address. I finally thought I had it--do a new change of address (the previous one expired a couple years ago). That should have caught the package at the post office, to be forwarded. It didn't. I don't know if it was our old mail carrier or a helpful neighbor but someone noticed we didn't live there anymore. Now, tracking shows the package is undeliverable as addressed and will be returned. Called the post office again and person I talked to is going to do her best to get it to me.

I just want to knit a blanket! On pretty new needles!
The dumb thing is, if left alone, the package would be sitting on the steps of the old house (which has been vacant since we moved out) and I could have just swung by to pick it up.


Update:  The post office sent my package back and I've had to reorder. Yarn and needles will be here in 4-10 days. :(

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Fork it?

 December 040

This is what I was doing while I watched a movie with the kids and Abi's friend. I had spun yarn to knit my mom a scarf (no surprise, if she managed to find her way here without a direct link from me, she knows I am working on a scarf because she requested it). When I began knitting (reversible cabled brioche), I realized the yarn was more firm than I would have liked it to be. Of course, I kept knitting. Half finished, I finally listened to the voices in my head and stopped knitting. Set it aside. Where I ignored it for months and months. A few days ago, I frogged the scarf and ran the yarn back through the wheel to loosen the plying twist. And then I washed it. And then I threw it--still wet merino/alpaca blend--in the dryer, on air fluff.

In case you missed this,
Over six ounces of handspun, 3-ply, merino/alpaca yarn.
I wanted to fluff it.

OK, so it did fluff it up a bit, just as I wanted. But it also felted a bit. Not the whole yarn, just black fibers throughout the entire (gray) yarn. So now I am untwisting the yarn, peeling apart the sticky black fibers to separate the plies and then adding back a softer twist. I was running the plies between my fingers to separate them but then I spotted Em's violin mute...

This would be even awesomer with one more finger. But a fork works perfect! And it's easier to take breaks than it is with yarn between my fingers.

I had to explain to Abi's friend (who spent the weekend with us and was excited to be shown the whole fleece-to-finished-object process, not knowing any other knitter/spinners) that normal people do not do such things. Y'all don't, right?

Monday, August 20, 2012


According to my Ravelry project, I finished this (Baby Surprise) sweater set  for Kait's friend Ashley's baby (due the end of this month) way back in April.

Well, except for the buttons. I just sewed them on tonight. Because Kait and I are going to visit momma and baby (born tonight) tomorrow evening. See? I am not always late.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

oh, deer

Yesterday, my favorite DJ on my favorite radio station blogged a "When you see it" --a family picture with one family member wearing (what he thought was) a rather unusual sweater. I told him we knitters are a crafty bunch and he should Google "fornicating deer pattern," selecting images... (What, you expect a link? Go, do it, I'll wait.)....

lalala delada...


He was a bit surprised. Then I tried to send him a link to Penispoopcakewaffle socks but Twitter blocked my penis (hehe). I emailed it. He says he can see the penii (my word, like octopi, shut up, I like it) and waffles but not the poop. I don't see it either. I think it was just added to the name and not the socks.

And then I asked if he'd like me to knit him a  fornicating deer hat. To which he replied, "Yes. Yes I do. And no profanity, please. This...will be cool. And I will, indeed, wear it.."

Which greatly confused me. Fornicating deer without profanity? Did he not want the deer to be having any fun? What fun was that? I was going to ask him when I asked for colors and a head measurement, but I forgot. 

I found an email this morning, he wants a black hat with pink deer. His head is huge, like 7 3/4. Um, huh? Rather than assuming he measured the'm pretty certain that's a hat size. And I'm pretty certain he wants the deer having fun. What do you think?

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