Saturday, June 10, 2017

Finished Object and Some Spinning

I finished, washed and delivered the Sunshine for Sunday's Sibling yesterday. It turns out their baby (a girl!) is due tomorrow. I offered my professional baby holder services any time and hope they take me up on it. Y'all know I love some baby holding.

This was a fun knit. I had a little trouble keeping track of the stitch shifting while knitting in the semi-dark of my daughter's theater class showcase, a band concert and an orchestra concert but it wasn't hard to rip it and get back on track. Turned out a little on the small side but I think that's a plus with cotton, which tends to be heavy. It's a nice size to throw over baby against the chill of a/c.

Now I'm back to working on some spinning. I've already spun and plied two bobbins of gray merino/silk blend. This is the first of four total white merino/silk bobbins. Two will be plied and stay white, two will be plied and dyed a deep red. This will all be a Lilli Pilli wrap. My friend Bec and I went to a knitting guild meeting (and then never made it back to another this year, oops) and one of the women there shared her finished wrap with us. I fell in love. As soon as I got home that night, I started looking at yarn. And then I realized I already had what I needed, just had to spin it (and dye some). I'm excited to start the knitting but in no real hurry with the spinning. The gray is still on the Scholar from plying. It'll stay there until I finish another bobbin of the white and am ready to ply.

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