Thursday, May 11, 2017

Oh, hey, I'm still around

As the weather warmed up, I noticed our neighbors are expecting their first child. So I decided to knit a baby blanket for them. I went to pick up yarn--Bernat Cotton Tots, because it appears this will be a summer baby--only to discover it's been discontinued. :( Surely it can't be gone, gone? I searched the innertubes before finally giving up on that perfect summer baby yarn. (Bernat, bring it back!)  Poked around looking at other possibilities. Settled on Knitpicks Billow in Comfrey (even with the mixed reviews). I'll make a Sunshine Chevron. Checked my needles and really need to replace a few sizes of needle tips. I added 5-6 caspian tips, realized that was going to cost nearly as much as a full set (shut up, close enough! Plus, free shipping, woot!), removed the tips, added a full set of needles and placed the order. Not even noticing I hadn't place an order in so long that my old address (moved nearly 3 years ago) was still listed. By the time I noticed, it had already shipped.

I have been trying to intercept this package ever since. Called the local post office, was told to do intercept online (cool...wait, not cool, it's $12 something plus extra postage?). It won't let me anyway because it was shipped FedEx smart post. Tried to "customize" the delivery through FedEx but the shipped to address does not match my account address. I finally thought I had it--do a new change of address (the previous one expired a couple years ago). That should have caught the package at the post office, to be forwarded. It didn't. I don't know if it was our old mail carrier or a helpful neighbor but someone noticed we didn't live there anymore. Now, tracking shows the package is undeliverable as addressed and will be returned. Called the post office again and person I talked to is going to do her best to get it to me.

I just want to knit a blanket! On pretty new needles!
The dumb thing is, if left alone, the package would be sitting on the steps of the old house (which has been vacant since we moved out) and I could have just swung by to pick it up.


Update:  The post office sent my package back and I've had to reorder. Yarn and needles will be here in 4-10 days. :(

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Linda Huss said...

I might have some Cotton Tots in my "stash". Maybe I should find it and sell it on eBay 😆😆😆